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What I'm Loving
  • Jumbo Healthy Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Muffins

    I am here to make your morning a little sweeter with these jumbo healthy sea salt dark chocolate almond butter muffins. I’ve always had it in my mind that muffins are supposed to be healthy. These contain no refined sugar and are made with oat flour. The perfect combination of dark chocolate and almond butter make for an indulgent yet sneakily healthy little muffin.

  • S’mores Chocolate Éclair Cake

    My favorite childhood dessert was a chocolate eclair sheet cake my mom would make. It is simple but always perfectly delicious and never did I see someone try it without asking for the recipe. It’s that good. This is a complex version of that with the added bonus of toasted marshmallows. Imagine Boston cream pie and s’mores fused into one very decadent, kind of messy, melty little joyful treat.

Hi, I’m Arianna

an architect turned baker.

Behind each of my recipes, you will find a thoughtfully curated balance of sweet and savory flavors creating intrigue for both the eye and palette. Desserts to me, are about thoughtfulness and imagination while keeping a healthy balance in mind. In my eyes, the process of architectural design and the process of creating a recipe then composing its structure as one in the same.

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